DR introduces the VERITAS electric guitar strings


DR Strings believes VERITAS™  is a completely innovative category of electric guitar strings, with players noting VERITAS electrics with Accurate Core Technology™ (ACT™) and QUANTUM-Nickel™ wrap wire last longer and have more power than ordinary nickel plated strings.

DR’s ACT is at the heart of VERITAS strings. ACT was designed to reinforce the core wire and fill in imperfections along its entire length.  Superior core wire is recognized as the foundation for rich tone, accuracy of intonation and durability. QUANTUM-Nickel, DR’s innovative wrap wire alloy, is more magnetic, and therefore more responsive and powerful than ordinary NPS 8% nickel plated wire.  An added bonus is the inclusion of 3 free extra XENON™ power-plain™ strings to complement the higher output of the VERITAS wounds.

 VERITAS electric sets will be initially offered in standard 9-42, 10-46 and 11-50 gauged sets as well as two hybrid 9-46 and 10-52 gauged sets.

Based in Emerson, New Jersey, DR Strings maintains the highest quality standards and construction methods. Featuring innovative new wire and coating technologies, DR Strings offers an extensive selection of guitar and bass strings for electric, acoustic, and other folk instruments. DR Strings are proudly Made in the USA with All-American materials for over 25 years.

More information at DR Strings.


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